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I love leggings for travel…they’re comfy and they can be dressed up or down depending on what you pair on top and how you accessorize.  These are the best.  Their high tummy flattening panel, is snug but not too tight, and the waist stays put.  The 6% spandex keeps the knees from bagging too.   Leggings are easy to  hand wash and line dry in hotel rooms, making them a great travel pant.

These are the best capri-length leggings that I’ve found, with a waist band that stays up and plenty of spandex to keep the knees from getting baggy.  They come in colors, but beware:  the lighter the color, the more bumps and bulges they show.  I never knew how ugly my knees were until I put on the white ones!  I recommend sticking with black and navy in leggings.

These lightweight slip shorts are perfect to wear under skirts and dresses to prevent chafing.  They wash out in the hotel sink and dry overnight if you leave a fan on.  There are lots of colors to choose from and are soft and silky feeling.  They do not have a control top, so are not shapers, which means they are very comfortable.  As a friend recently told me, “They’re just what I’ve always needed”.

My husband loves how comfortable these pants are and we both love how they look right out of the dryer…no ironing required!  The hidden zipper pocket is also great for travel.  They come in black, gray, chalk, khaki and a heathered gray.  Oh, and they’re stain resistant, stretchy and moisture-wicking.

Here in the Northwest, a good raincoat is a must have.  When traveling to sunnier climes however, I am loathe to take a heavy coat.  So “just in case”, I take my Rainrap.  It’s a super lightweight poncho with great style.  It folds up into a pouch the size of a greeting card, so it’s easy to throw in my day bag on iffy days.  I have the black/camel combo shown, but it comes in some great colors and even animal prints!