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My first choice in packing cubes.  I love the 5 piece set, which comes with 2 large, 2 medium and 1 small. The mesh top is important so you can see what’s in the bag.  

The same great packing cubes in a set of 3:  one each small, medium and large.  Great for shorter trips or to get a variety of colors.

For longer trips, where you need more clothing, these bags compress to fit more into each one.  Once you zip it closed, you press down and close the second zipper.   Perhaps you can pack enough in your carry-on with these bags that you can skip checking a bag!

Now that your luggage is packed, you’d better check to see what it weighs.  This little scale is small enough to take with you to make sure you didn’t buy too many souvenirs!

These locks are sturdy and you can set your own combination.  If TSA opens your luggage, a little red indicator pops up on your lock, so you know they’ve been there.

Packing cubes or bags changed my life.  I used to HATE packing for trips, but now it’s almost fun! These lightweight zipper bags organize your clothes and keep things from getting mussed up in your suitcase.  When you get to a hotel for a longer term stay, you can just put your bags in the dresser drawers.

Some people pack tops in one bag and bottoms in another.  I put warm weather clothes in one bag and cooler weather clothes in another.  Or sometimes, dressier clothes in one and casual in another.  I always use a small bag for socks and undies, a medium bag for bras and pjs and swimwear.  It’s just so nice to not have to rifle through a stack of folded clothes looking for something…everything stays neat and fresh looking, since it isn’t flopping around.

Use a different color bag for each family member, and when checking luggage, divide each persons cubes between suitcases, so if one suitcase is lost, you’ll still each have fresh clothing.  Cubes also work great if your luggage is overweight…it’s much easier to shift the cubes around than having your unmentionables falling out as you try to adjust the load.  

One more tip: my husband wears cotton button up shirts, and I’ve found that by ironing them with lots of spray starch, folding them, and then rolling them with a couple of sheets of paper (for stiffness), they come out of the packing bags looking like new.   

I rarely leave home without my bag bungee.  It securely straps your carry on bag, or personal item to your rolling luggage.  It clips on and off quickly and I store it in my outside zipper pocket for easy access.  You can also shove your coat or travel pillow under the bungee cords.  

Packing Cubes